12 Statement Sunglasses That Will Complete Every Outfit

There are no two ways about it – accessories make the outfit. Indeed, there is nothing like stocking up on new resortwear during the summer and layering pieces doing the cooler months but in every instance, it’s the little trinkets collected in between that bring the outfits to life in the end – Think jewelry, handbags and the real game changers, sunglasses.

If it feels like sunglasses keep getting cooler and cooler, it’s because they are. Fashion’s current obsession with Y2K nostalgia have brought back sassy rimless styles, while the revival of other various eras can be spotted in oversized, ’70s-esque frames, or the dainty lenses of the ’90s. Meanwhile. there’s a biker-aesthetic craze that’s lead to wrap around, motorcycle-style sunglasses becoming one of the longest-standing trends of the past few seasons. If the vast array of trends and options available have shown us anything, it’s that sunglasses allow you to change the entire vibe of an outfit and almost channel an alter-ego, making getting all dressed up (or even casual outfits) that much more fun. Ahead, here are a few styles to upgrade your collection with.


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