Denim Skirts Are On The Rise – Shop The Trend Now

As a fashion lover, novelty is always a thrill, but sometimes, the best fashion trends come out of a revamp of the old and familiar. Think, a new take on academia dressing, or reclaiming the power suit. Presently, it’s denim that’s having its moment of shine, and with it, trendy denim skirts are officially one of the most sought after items on the market again.

For anyone excited for the staple’s return, there are perhaps a number of which ways to turn to give thanks. There’s the Gen Z collective, who’s penchant for thrifting and vintage-inspired dressing inherently leans on classics such as the baggy and dad jeans of the ’90s. Then there’s the runway – specifically in terms of designers such as Glenn Martins at Y/Project and Diesel, offering deconstructed takes on denim staples that make the textile feel youthful and fresh again. As a result, this time around, the denim skirt comes with edgy, fashion-forward elements such as geometric hemlines, asymmetric waistlines, acid washes and more. Ready to shop the trend? We’ve rounded up 10 styles you’ll love ahead.

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