9 Pieces To Help You Do Romantic Style Decor And Luxurious Living Like Shonda Rhimes Does In Her NYC Pad

When you’re the mind behind some of TV’s biggest shows past and present (Bridgerton, Grey’s Anatomy, Inventing Anna, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder and more), it makes sense that you live in a luxurious home. But instead of having gigantic, grandiose furniture and the accoutrements believed to be in many celeb homes, Shonda Rhimes, TV writer and producer shared with Architectural Digest, just wanted a peaceful, pretty place to do her best work — writing.

“This place is really about my work life,” she told the magazine of her cozy apartment in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. “But I came into it thinking, If I had no kids, no responsibilities, what kind of a space would I create? Obviously, we did incorporate things that were necessary for the kids—moms never get to think selfishly—but this was really exciting for me.”

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What she set out to create with celebrated designer Michael S. Smith is a home filled with eclectic, detailed furniture (from damask couches, ornate vases, “whimsical” chandeliers and intricate, colorful wallpaper). The end result is a home that feels, without being gaudy, luxurious. The unique touches bring shine (like the gilded mirrors), texture (lamps, rugs and couches/chaises) and even a taste of nature (there are plants everywhere, including an orange tree). It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind space.

While we can’t all afford the fine furniture and pieces in Rhimes’s home, we are inspired by them. We sought out alternatives that are a little lighter on the pockets while still being stylish. See nine pieces we think fit the aesthetic of this queen of the screen.

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