Pajama Sets For Sleep Awareness Month

We live in the age of hustle culture, i.e. the era of “all work, no play” and “team no sleep”. It’s important, then, to take a step back in ensure we’re not taking the latter too seriously. At the end of the day, healthy sleeping habits are what allow us to function properly when we’re awake. Thus, Sleep Awareness Month. And for some of us fashionistas, a great night of sleep starts with the best pajamas we can find.

A fresh pair of PJs can reset your wind-down routine in the same way a new candle or a bed set would, (but without the could-be hefty price tag). It’s true that refreshing your surroundings (which sometimes, starts with what’s on your body), triggers mental rejuvenation as well. Now, while you’re reflecting on your work-life balance, sleeping schedule and habits to tweak to live your best life, why not do so with one of the cozy pajama styles below?

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