7 All Natural, Organic Products That Will Be Kind to Your Hair

It goes without saying, if you care about your hair, being wary of what you put in it is imperative. Some of us, oftentimes to no fault of our own, learn this the hard way, but no matter your journey, for most of us, the outcome is the same — Our hair thrives when treated with high quality, clean products. In some cases, that can mean doing away with some of the brands and products we grew up knowing, or may have even accumulated recently, and opting instead for natural, organic hair products you know will be gentle on your mane. 

Not to be confused with vegan hair products, natural hair products are simply those free of pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs and other harmful chemicals. Making the switch from products that contain sulfate, parabens and the like to those without will prove to be a small but mighty change. Some benefits from using natural hair products include healthier hair (surprise, surprise, the supposed effects seen from chemical-based products is oftentimes short-lived and can leave your hair damaged and brittle instead), a healthier you (chemicals we absorb through our skin and thus or scalp make their way to our bloodstream), and a healthier earth (when we wash our hair and the products makes it way down the drain, it’s going somewhere, right?). Want to change your routine and your hair for the better? Start with these organic picks below. 


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