Mango Sustainable Denim Collection

I’m in the business of shopping timeless styles I can keep in my wardrobe for years to come, and nothing does the job quite like quality denim. Mango, the long-standing brand based out of Barcelona, recently launched a slew of new denim styles, and — bonus points — 100 percent of the pieces included in the collection have sustainable properties. 

Because denim styles are one of the most evergreen fashion items on the market, it’s always impressive to find a brand that manages to use subtle tweaks that make the end result more interesting, and Mango’s newest collection is a top contender. There are your classic, must-have styles, but the real stars of the collection are its most trend-forward pieces. There’s punchy neon yellow tones to ring in the next season, color blocking details by way of mixing different denim washes together, and matching sets that succeed at making acid wash cool again. Shop the collection ahead, and fast, because it’s too good to not sell out.

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