IT Cosmetics’ New Celebration Body Foundation Leaves You With A Flawless Finish That Isn’t Just For The Face

With the onset of spring and summer soon come, you probably don’t have to be asked twice to dive into your closet for your favorite pair of denim shorts, that trusty sundress or your go-to tank top. Moreover, the fashion collective has declared skin is even more in this season, meaning mini skirts, halter tops, cut-outs – You know, the whole nine. So then, wouldn’t be nice if you could treat the skin on your arms, legs, torso the with same glow up your face enjoys on a makeup day? That’s exactly what the new IT Cosmetics Celebration Body Foundation offers – We’re talking full on airbrush treatment without the hefty cost of a celeb-level glam team. The brand’s first every body foundation, boasting the same quick and easy flawlessness its fan-loved Celebration Illumination Foundation offers for the face, is the spring and summertime beauty product sure to quickly progress from “the thing you didn’t know you needed,” to “the thing you absolutely must have.”

It’s totally understandable if you’re a little hesitant about the sound of foundation for the body, especially when the temperature is heating up, but rest assured the IT Cosmetics formula is both beginner-friendly and weather friendly. Launched exclusively as a duo at QVC with an easy-grip brush applicator, you’re guaranteed a hassle free application (thirty seconds is all you need!). Then, with a waterproof finish, carry on through the day regardless of the weather, with peace of mind in knowing you’re covered (literally and figuratively), even if you break a sweat. Its buildable and breathable coverage instantly eliminates the appearances of imperfections such as sun spots, body acne and discoloration, and even more, it comes with hydrating benefits as well. Perfect to have on hand for anything from a night out to a sun-filled vacation, who would have thought this would be such a game changer in your make up drawer. Shop the launch ahead.

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