9 Unique Home Decor Pieces Any Fashion Girl Will Love

Is it just us, or is home decor becoming increasingly…. fashionable? And no, we don’t mean your usual designer-labeled coffee table books, or a blown up photo of Audrey Hepburn in the iconic LBD of Breakfast at Tiffany’s (though both are stylish decor options). Instead, as of late, home decor trends seem more aligned with, or are even at times have become mirroring images of fashion trends now more than ever before. The appeal for lovers of sartorial curation? Now, your home can feel just as stylish as your closet. 

One swipe through Instagram or TikTok, particularly among the accounts of the fashionably inclined who also have a knack for interior design, and a shift away from minimal home decor (just as fashion has, in large part, shifted away from minimal dressing) is evident. In a parallel to DIY style and dopamine dressing, home decor has too entered a more carefree, fun-loving and less serious territory, welcoming loud colors, fun prints (think the boom of checkerboard home decor that arose in perfect timing with checkered prints in fashion), and unexpected shapes and textures. No doubt, fashion lovers galore have been running to grab funky rugs, off-kilter candles and poppy wall art to make for a living space that is equally as exciting as their wardrobes.

We did some digging around to see what homes of a few fashionistas have in common, and the results are pieces that will no doubt make your humble abode that much more enjoyable to come home to. Whether you’re due for a full interior makeover, or you’re on the hunt for accent pieces to spruce up your current set up, here are 9 home decor pieces fashion girls are shopping for now. 


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