These Handbags Will Be Mom’s Favorite Mother’s Day Gift

Year after year, the pressure of shopping for Mother’s Day gifts never seems to get any easier. After all, how is one to go about repaying someone for nurturing them for eighteen years? All the candles, jewelry gifts, and beauty sets in the world at times don’t quite seem to say all there is to say, but rest assured moms appreciate and enjoy them more than we may know. An almost universal no-fail? Handbags are the Mother’s Day gift sure to send mom over the moon with joy, and all that’s left for you to do is narrow down the best options.

At first glance, handbags may seem like that standard, one-size fits all gift, and while, in a way, they are (because they make such fool-proof picks), opting for a handbag also opens the door to so many options to make your end select feel totally tailored and specific to yours truly. From shopping a colossal tote for the working mom who’s always running around, to evening bags for the mom who’s prone to nights on the town, to raffia bags for the world traveler who loves a tropical vacation, to a casual carry-all for the mom who loves the beach. What’s more, many brands offer the ability to customize bags with initials, names or short phrases, allowing you to create something truly unique and personal. Either way, you’re bound to land on something the special woman in your life will adore and likely carry for years to come. Time is of the essence, so if you want to shop a curated list of some of the best handbags to grab online right now, check out the below.

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