These 12 Hair Masks Work Wonders On Curly Hair In The Summer

The beauty in curly and coily hair lies, among many things, in its uniqueness. From 3a to 4c hair textures, no two heads of curls are the same. But there is one thing just about all parties of the curly hair committee can agree on — caring for said curls properly takes a big of extra, very particular effort. 

As the summer months arrive, external environmental efforts can make it that much harder for you and your locks go see eye to eye. The heat can, naturally, suck what feels like all of the moisture out of your hair — the very ingredient your coily beauties need to thrive. During this time, it’s crucial your wash day goes beyond the good ol’ wash and condition. Enter — hair masks. Sure, it’s an extra step, but consider it more a spa day at home. 

The difference that one step makes goes a long way. While conditioners are great for maintenance, providing softer and silkier looking hair, it’s hair masks that do the work that lasts, actually going in and hydrating each hair strand, repairing brittleness and re-bonding split ends. And, well, it does its fair share of conditioning, too. Because we know curly hair has its special needs, we’ve rounded up the best hair masks created with curly hair in mind. See them below.


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