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8 TikTok-Trending Fragrances That Actually Are Worth Opening Your Wallet For

The list includes both classics and newbies.
8 TikTok-Trending Fragrances That Are Worth It

If you’re a fan of fragrances, like a have-your-own-signature-scent fan, there’s no doubt you’ve got your pulse on the best perfumes to try on the market. If you’ve found your way into the blissful corner of the social media app that is “perfume TikTok,” you’ve probably been (willfully) inundated with reviews and unboxing videos, but only a select few winning products make it to viral status.

The largest trending perfumes on TikTok are a mix of OG scents, alongside fragrances launched as recently as 2022. While some of the viral videos to come out of fragrance TikTok have come with debatable claims (such as the video where a woman details a man following her down the street to learn the name of the fragrance she’s wearing), many of them have, indeed, proven to deserve a spot in your collection, hype or no hype.

As the unofficial saying goes, many will trend on TikTok, but only a few will stick. Ahead, here are 8 of the best fragrances fans on social media are raving about right now.