Festival Outfit Season Is Here – 10 Styles To Wear To Coachella

As quickly as the year began, spring is already on our heels, and with it comes festival season. Avid attendees of grandiose music festivals such as Coachella have put their annual concert-going routines on hold during the height of the pandemic and with its return, those joining in are set for a good time. With just a few weeks left until kick off, it’s about time to start planning, which means hunting down the best festival outfits the internet has to offer.

Needless to say, fashion has evolved a bit since the last full-fledged festival season in 2019, but expect fan-favorite trends to prevail, albeit with amped-up twists. If you’re unsure on where to start, begin with comfort first (think: an outfit you can move around in and wear outdoors for hours on end), and then opt for the most fashion-forward picks from there. Trends you can expect? While festivals such as Coachella are known to bring out florals and chunky crochet, consider more refined knits this time around in the form of maxi dresses, or button up tops. The event also presents the perfect opportunity to embrace all-things mesh, from dresses to crop tops – even better if accompanied by funky prints such as checkered and psychedelic motifs. Of course, should you be sitting this season out, all the styles below are fitting for your everyday summer wardrobe just as well. Shop the looks ahead.

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