Euphoria Inspired Beauty Items

Whether you’re habitually tuned in to HBO’s Euphoria weekly on Sundays or not (but aren’t we all?), you likely can’t get away from the chattering surrounding the hit show. The Zendaya-narrated drama has totally encompassed Twitter, Instagram and especially TikTok, with fan theories and critiques going viral daily. But beyond the plots, and its flawed-but-you-gotta-love-(most of)-them characters, fans are fixated on another thing – the show’s intricate beauty looks. And it’s hard not to be. Lead makeup artist of the show Doniella Davy creates a world all of its own with crystal, glitter, pastel shades and more to fall right in line with the show’s artistically cinematic take on filming, and it’s pretty captivating to look at.

Though the approach to beauty for the show’s second season is instantly recognized as not as heavy handed as its debut (as the characters develop, many of them take on a darker and ever-so-slightly more subdued look), it’s clear by all of the Euphoria-inspired videos on TikTok with fans dousing their lids with glitter and flicking their bright-colored liners that there’s still an attachment to that hyper fantasy-like aesthetic we were first introduced to. However, we’re talking pretty complex techniques here, and the fun shouldn’t be limited to those who know how to create a knife-sharp liner wing by hand, or free-hand squiggly designs on their nails. That’s were beauty brand PaintLab steps in with colorful eyeliner stickers, press-on nails and nail wraps with the most kitschy designs. Get ready to flex your creativity – Everything you need to recreate the beauty looks from Euphoria is right here.

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