Corset Tops Are (Still) Everywhere – 10 Styles We’re Eyeing Now

It’d be remiss not to mention that fashion trends move at unprecedented breakneck speeds these days, but ever so often, a trend escapes the chartered path and finds itself among the few that seem to manage to retain a certain staying power no the usual cycle. Cut outs? Still here. Mules? Staples. Leather jackets? Never leaving. Similarly, corset tops are another fashion trend that show no signs of stopping, and luckily, there are a number of spend-worthy styles up for grabs right now.

Who’s to say what keeps a style at the top of the trend pyramid for any given period of time, but where corsets are concerned, it’s safe to guess you can attribute the style’s longevity, at least in part, to how inherently fun and versatile they are. Corsets come with a sleekness and air of femininity that lend well to classic night out looks, while a simultaneous edginess readily primes the garment for juxtaposing against unexpectedly baggier silhouettes. Also fit for layering under a cool jacket, a corset outfit is one that can fly under most weather forecasts. That said, brands are still churning out enough corset styles to keep both OG-lovers and newcomers of this trend satiated. See 10 of the prettiest styles on the virtual racks right now, ahead.

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