10 Chunky Sandal Slides To Shop For Spring

As the cool-weather months slowly near an end and spring is on the horizon, saying goodbye to fall footwear, namely all the rave-worthy boot trends feels admittedly bittersweet. Not to worry though, as warm-weather spring and summer footwear has proven to be equally exciting. But should you not be up for jumping into a pair of high-heeled platform shoes, sliding into a pair of chunky slip-on sandals does the job just as well, and almost acts as a sister trend.

Gone are the days of throwing on flip flops and slides exclusively for a grocery store run or a trip to the beach. With the onset of chunky sandals (think: those pillow or cloud-like sandals that look comfier than any pair of shoes you’ve ever seen), come a unique chicness unprecedented to casual footwear, and there’s enough variations for anyone to find a pair to fall in love with. We’ve rounded up our favorites, from flatforms to rubbery pool slides. Shop them below.

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