Chunky Dad Sandals Are The Comfort Shoe You Need For Summer

It goes without saying that shoes, namely sandals, are more than half the fun of building a summer wardrobe. And though our social media feeds are never not filled with many scrolls worth of fashion girls donning every kind of heel you can find, it’s hard to miss the fact that there’s another summer shoe trend taking over, and they’re significantly comfier than any stiletto. Unexpectedly, chunky dad sandals are shaping up to be the biggest shoe trend of the season, and our feet are sure to thank us for it.

Likely a byproduct of the relaxed style of dress that emerged out of the pandemic, the latest shoe trend takes the chunky silhouette often affectionally referred to as the “dad sandal,” and elevates it into a super chic territory that even the most flats-averse fashion aficionado can appreciate. Borrowing from the signature sporty and cozy elements of the style, designers today are elevating the shoe with luxe fabrics such as velvet, fun prints including everything from floral to gingham motifs, and platform soles to hone in on the statement-making. You may think of them as no more than an errand day shoe at first mention, but they’ve over time proven perfect for pairing with anything from a relaxed suit to a summer maxi dress. Shop some of the coolest styles online right now below.

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