15 Skincare Gems To Discover From Black-Owned Brands

In an industry that has so often neglected to include melanated bodies in the conversation, and represent them in their products, campaigns, and teams, it remains a given that, in some cases, the best skincare brands to address the intricacies of Black skin are the ones with Black leaders at its forefront. With brands boasting chemical experts and celebrity aestheticians at their foundation, it goes without saying that Black-owned skincare brands have rightfully carved a space for themselves in the industry, and are more than just a fad to support, but that Black Business Month is here just gives us another reason to share some of the best skincare products from brands that you may have missed before.

Truth is, having melanated skin does come with its own unique set of common skincare concerns, such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, that take the special care of a product formulated with Black skin in mind to thoroughly protect it. Take a dive into rolodex of Black-founded brands and the vast offering is enough to fill up your skincare routine lineup a number of times over. Prefer to stick to vegan, natural, sustainable or women-owned brands when it comes to skincare? No problem there either. From a number of fan-favorite serums, to daily cleansers, oils, masks and even skincare tools that may make your routines more effective, these Black-owned brands offer more than you could ever need. See 15 of the best products to start with, below.

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