Beyoncé Shouts Out This Trendy Handbag On The “Renaissance” Album – Here’s Where You Can Still Get It

We may now be a few days beyond the official release of Beyoncé’s latest album, Renaissance, but if you’re anything like us, you’re still savoring every lyric, and will be for the remainder of the summer (or year, if we’re being really honest). Within the pumped up, dance-inspiring beats come the racey lines we’ve come to love from Queen Bey, but also, a number of fashion references as well. The album’s closing track, Summer Renaissance, reveals a laundry list of brands that have the mega star’s approval, including Bottega, Prada and Louis Vuitton, but perhaps most importantly, the line “This Telfar bag imported” proves Beyoncé’s love for the New York-helmed inclusive fashion brand is still alive and well.

It’s not the first time Telfar handbags have gotten the Beyoncé stamp of approval. During a 2021 trip to New York, Beyoncé donned not one, but two pieces designed by Black designers who operate out of the very city, sporting a white Telfar bag with floral Christopher John Rogers trousers. While shopping Beyoncé’s wardrobe would often mean coughing up multiples of thousands of dollars, Telfar handbags come with an approachable price point a larger audience can enjoy. The caveat? The highly sought after item is almost always sold out. Luckily, you can still grab one from pre-loved marketplaces such as The RealReal, and may even luck up on a find that comes in brand new condition with tags. Proof that the Beyoncé effect exists? According to the retailer, Telfar bags earned an immediate 85 percent increase in views post-Beyoncé’s Renaissance. If that’s not proof that even the pre-owned offering of this It-bag will be off the market soon, we don’t know what is.

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