These Velour Tracksuits Bring Back The Best Of The 2000s

As many of us continue exploring trends from fashion’s past, specifically the Y2k trends of the early aughts, some have often felt less welcome than most. Take, for instance, the return of the controversial low rise pants. Others have been widely excepted with open arms (think Y2K hair accessories such as claw clips, or fashion trends such as the return of the micro mini skirt), and a more loungey style has now entered the chat. Behold, the velour tracksuit is back.

Staples in the closets of everyone from Beyonce to Nicki Minaj ahead of the 2010s, tracksuits have since been regarded as an icon of sorts in fashionista history, and it’s easy to see why – It’s a trend that actually puts comfort first. While tracksuits are often regarded as a throw-on-and-go ensemble, there’s something about the velour spin that legacy brand names such as Juicy Couture and more made feel subtly luxurious. From its often ultra-feminine colorways, to its innately plush fabrics, to blingy accents, there’s nothing more to ask for out of a loungewear set that you can also dress up and take outdoors. If you’ve missed this trend as much as we have, keep scrolling to shop the cozy picks below.

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