10 Vegan Conditioners That Hydrate Your Hair Without The Damaging Ingredients

Is it just us, or are we all coming to terms with the fact that for so many years, we’ve normalized using hair products that do more harm than good? Artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients and the like are all known to contribute to prolonged dryness and brittle hair (these products sometimes yield what appears to be instant results, but actually break down the hair over time), and as the industry has taken to providing cleaner alternatives, it turns out vegan hair products is a sure-fire way to go. That said, ahead of wash day, consider grabbing a vegan hair conditioner to do the work the right way – free of sulfates, silicones and a handful of other harmful ingredients.

For clarity, not all vegan hair care is 100% natural, nor is all natural hair care 100% vegan. For a conditioner to be vegan, it cannot be formulated with any animal-derived products or byproducts, and must have undergone cruelty-free testing only. If a conditioner is natural, it simply means the product is derived with plant-based or certified organic ingredients. However, finding a conditioner that falls under both categories is where you’ve found a winner – the safest best for your hair without sacrificing any of the desired results. Even if you’re not ready to fully convert, you can begin cleaning up your wash routine one product at a time, starting with one of the 10 vegan conditioners we’ve rounded up below.

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