Best Serums For Glowing Skin

Main photo credit: @naomielizee

Is it just me, or does the ultimate achievement or hyper glowing skin (“glass skin,” if you will) remain a feat only to be attained by a lucky few? As someone who tests out beauty products for a living, and up until recently, struggled with unwanted texture, the more than occasional break out, and all around dull skin, it can certainly feel that way. But I can now confidently say, you too can achieve glowing skin with the right products. Aside from hydrating face masks, I will always recommend a select few serums for glowing skin.

When it comes to deciphering the best skin brightening serum, there are a handful of key ingredients you may want to look for. Think Vitamin C to boost the production of collagen and encourage elasticity, Vitamin E to intercept the damage of free radicals on the skin, hyaluronic acid for the reduction of redness and dermatitis, or argan oil for repairing sun damage – and those are just a few starters. Sound intimidating? Not when you start with the 7 serums for radiant skin below. Behold – Your best skin awaits.

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