Skipping This Haircare Step Might Be The Reason Behind Your Dehyrated Hair

No two heads of hair are created the same, but there’s one think more than a handful of us can agree on, dry hair is a pain in the neck. Or perhaps, a pain in the scalp. We often to a pretty good job of shampooing and conditioning and even taking the extra steps to treat our hair with serums and the like. But what if we’re overlooking the root cause of the dry-hair issue? Treating your scalp is like taking it back to the basics, as your hair is often only as healthy as its roots, meaning that the best scalp moisturizers are often your key player in fighting the battle against dry hair.

We’d be doing ourself by not giving the same amount of care to the skin on our head as we give to skin on our face – Scalp care is just as essential as skin care. On top of providing hydration, keeping your scalp moisturized can aid in other factors such as preventing diseases, reliving irritation and freeing the skin of flakiness. As with anything, there’s no one size fits all, and scalp care can take the form of a number of products, from scalp oils (the most common), to pre-wash treatments, hydrating shampoos and scalp sprays. This means scalp care can come into to play in more than one step of. your wash day routine (even better). With the tools ahead, say hello to a hydrated scalp and mane like you’ve never seen before.

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