Parachute Pants Are The Cozy Cute Pants Trend Taking Over

Jeans are great. Necessary, even (depending who you ask), but we’re probably all a bit overjoyed when yet another (read: more comfy) style of pants takes the forefront, allowing us the opportunity to, once again, park our jeans at the backs of our closets without guilt. For the earlier half of the year (and still) cargo pants became the leading pants trend, with much thanks to TikTok. Now, the fashion collective has turned its attention to parachute pants, and it’s easy to see why — they look great with almost anything. 

It’s hard to miss that parachute pants are essentially the little sister to cargo pants. They’re slightly baggier, typically lighter weight, they almost always seem to come in the same set of earthy color ways (with a few exceptions), any typically made of nylon or similar fabrics, they tend to translate to a more casual style. It’s this reason that they’ve become the style of bottoms fashion girls are choosing to pair with everything from baby tees to cardigans and billowy chiffon silk tops. They’re just that versatile, making them what we would consider to be a pretty smart buy. See a few of our favorite styles below. 

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