Finally, Hair Ties That Won’t Damage Your Hair

When the weather switches up — or better yet, heats up — we quickly pivot our attention to a wardrobe better fit for the climate: bikinis, linen sets and the works. Subconsciously, though, we find ourselves adopting hair styles that thrive in the weather as well. Letting down inches of thick hair and curls? More like up-do’s whenever the occasion allows. Let’s keep it real, low effort ponytails are a lifesaver when the temperature creeps up, but only when you have a collection of hair ties that won’t damage your hair. 

First, let’s clear the air: Yes, hair ties can be detrimental to your hair, if you’ve got your hands on the wrong kind. Rubber bands are the leading culprits, typical tugging at hair and eventually causing breakage during the removal process. Instead, you’ll want to look for hair ties that have a cloth covering, or are made of another material suited for hair styling: think coiled hair ties, scrunchies or elastic ribbons. Not only are they significantly more gentle on your hair, but they don’t leave that dreaded ponytail dent, either (you know the one). Do your hair a favor — take a look at these cute scrunchies that won’t damage your ‘do, ahead. 

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