10 Lip Masks That Work Wonders For Dry Skin

If you have even the slightest knack for modern day skincare, we’re willing to bet you’re no stranger to the world of beauty masks. At this point, there are a number of options targeted at any skin concern under the sun. Then there’s eye masks, which we’ve all come to find to be lifesavers after a long flight. For even some of the biggest self-proclaimed skincare aficionados, the curtains close here. But hear us out – lip masks. We know, it sounds excessive initially. But if you’ve spent years trying to achieve smooth, hydrated lips with balms and chapsticks, to no avail, then it may be time to upgrade your lip care.

While sifting through masks in other areas of skincare can feel like entering another realm altogether, lip masks are significantly less daunting. You know how deep conditioner feels like you favorite standard hair conditioner on steroids? Lip masks are like that, but supercharged versions of, say, your favorite lip balm instead. Most times, they come with formulas that are meant to be worn overnight. The idea is you may go to sleep with drier than desired lips, but you’ll wake up with a radiant, plump, visibly moisturized pout. You’ll even come across a few products whose powers seem to kick in instantly, and you’ll find your lips feeling rejuvenated before you even hit the bed.

We can all use a little extra hydration in our lives, and where skincare is considered, our lips oftentimes end up an afterthought. Try adding one of the lip masks below to your skincare routine and we doubt you’ll look back.

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