These Lip Balms Give You Soft Lips And Subtle Color

Beauty lovers know — finding that category of lip products that bring hit after hit is pretty hard. Better yet, borderline impossible. Move the wrong way and your hair is sure to get stuck in your lip gloss, transfer-proof cream and satin lipsticks are particularly easy to come by, and for many, the thought of liquid lipsticks conjures up one word (“dry”). There is one sector of the lip family that seems to have our backs and comes with virtually no fuss — lip balms. 

Truthfully, lip balms are that make up product most of us took for granted when we were younger, only to now realize what gems they are. They’re lightweight, ultra hydrating, come with just the right amount of color to don casually or pair with a full face of makeup, and is it just us, or does it seem like they almost always smell good? If lip balms don’t deserve to be the official lip product of summer, then we’re not sure what is. Shop some our favorites below. 


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