7 Lightweight BB And CC Creams You Need This Summer

If you live anywhere that gets even slightly humid during the summer months, then you’re no stranger to the un-comfortability that oftentimes comes with foundation, particularly full coverage iterations, in the heat. You may find yourself enduring a sticky or heavy feeling on your skin, or even a sense of the product melting under the sun. Let’s throw the sacrifices we’ve all been told are to be made in the name of beauty out the window and cut to it – foundation isn’t cut out for all whether conditions, and we don’t have to pretend like it is. In these instances, lightweight BB creams and CC creams are all the face makeup you need.

Some of the main reasons you’d want to opt for a BB cream or CC cream over a foundation include lighter coverage and sometimes higher skin benefits as the former may oftentimes come with greater moisturizing or SPF benefits. Next, all that’s left is to decipher your preference between the two based on your needs. Short for beauty balm or blemish balm, BB creams come with the lightest coverage in comparison to CC creams or foundation, alotting just enough to correct blemishes and even out the skin tone. Meanwhile a CC cream acts more like a color corrector and comes with medium coverage. CC creams also tends to come with more color options than BB cream, while both typically come with a significantly smaller shade range than foundation. In any case, the level of comfort they provide throughout the summer reigns supreme. Wondering where to start? Check out 7 best selling BB and CC creams you’ll love below.

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