7 Detangling Brushes That can Handle Anything

Ask anyone with coarse or curly hair (or perhaps just anyone with hair) of their top three struggles when it comes to maintaining their mane, and “tangling” is bound to be among the top responses. There are a number ways to avoid hair tangling in the first place, from sleeping on satin pillowcases (or with a protective satin cap), to wearing your hair up when exercising and being sure not to skip the conditioning step on wash day. But in those instances when hair tangling is inescapable (a nuisance we must all, at some point, endure) there are a number of ways to tackle the task of achieving knot-free hair again, from keeping a trusting detangling spray on hand, to a less talked about yet equally necessary tool — the ultimate detangling hair brush. 

While it’s safe to assume none of us are strangers to hairbrushes, there are, believe it a not, a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you’ve picked the best detangling brush for your hair type, including scoping out one with sturdy bristles to prevent pulling and breakage. It’s also suggested to go for a brush with plastic bristles rather than metal. Other factors to keep in mind may include looking for a brush suited for both wet and dry hair, depending on your needs. Of course, we’ve rounded up a few that have garnered a slew of fans and accumulated an impressive amount of 5-star reviews. See them below. 

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