9 Crochet Fashion Picks You’ll Wear All Spring And Summer

In the age of ultra-fast social media, namely TikTok, fashion trends come and go at unprecedented speeds, so it’s worth noting the styles that just don’t seem to budge no matter what. When it comes to time-transcending fashion trends, there are a few things we know to be true, white button downs are a staple fit for any and everyone’s closet, LBD’s are the superior going out garment, and last, crochet is the spring and summer fashion trend that is sure to return every year. With spring officially here and the season of festival fashion on its way, now feels like a better time than any to zero in on the latter and stock up on enough crochet fashion pieces to get you through the incoming months.

These days, crochet feels a bit different than what the term may be stereotypically associated with. As they say, these are no longer your grandmother’s knits. As of recent, designers have been known to take a more refined approach to the crochet trend, resulting in pieces that feel a bit more sophisticated and versatile – Think cardigans you can pair with anything from jeans to trousers, net dresses that can serve as bikini cover-ups, or a dinner date dress with the right undergarments, and tightly knit shorts that border on hot pants. On the flip side, with the rise of the craft trend over the last few seasons, chunky crochet knits are, too, back in the most fun-filled way ever, complete with floral motifs and pastel colors that feel like the perfect combination of contemporary and nostalgia. Whichever vibe you should choose, now’s the time to bring it to life. Ahead, here are 9 crochet picks we suggest jumpstarting your wardrobe of the season with.

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