Cream Blush Is The Makeup Key To A Flirty Glow  – Here’s 11 To Try Now

While we’re not here to say that TikTok beauty trends are the end all, be all when it comes to make up, you do have to admit, the app’s creators are oftentimes actually on to something. With summer approaching and a newfound appreciation for minimal makeup routines brewing, cream blushes have quickly become the latest must-have, and what we are here to say is this is a trend that deserves to stay around for good. Lightweight and not overpowering in appearance, cream blushes offer up something for everyone from the girl who loves a full beat, to the one who prides herself on that no-makeup-makeup look. 

If your first reservation when it comes to cream blushes is worrying that they come with a difficult application process, rest assured they’re actually quite the opposite. Best applied with a precise stippling blush or your fingers, many find it much easier to control the application of a cream blush in comparison to a power brush where you’ll likely find yourself using a large fluffy brush. Those with dry skin may find themselves favoring cream blush as well as they often come formulated with hydrating properties. The end result? A natural and flirty glow perfect for the low-maintenance days in the spring and summer months ahead. From Rare Beauty’s raved about cream blush to Uoma Beauty’s multi-tasking formula, see some of our favorites ahead.

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