10 Body Oils Proven To Hydrate Dry Skin

The sun is out, and that means everything from bared arms to sandals, midi and mini dresses. That meaning, it’s your skin’s time to shine. But if you’re someone who struggles with rough or dry skin, then that “shine” may not come without help. Luckily, there are a wealth of moisturizing body care products on the market, and in the chance that you’ve yet to find a moisturizer that does the trick for you, or you’re looking for something to pair it with for an extra nudge, consider trying out one of the many body oil options known to leave you with glowy hydrated skin.

There’s a never ending debate over body lotions versus body oils, and the truth is, every body is different, and there will hardly ever (if ever) be a one size fits all. That said, many people love body oils for its light weight textures, using it alone, paired with oil, in the shower with an exfoliating pad, or right after the shower before bed. With many boasting healing ingredients such as algae oil and Vitamin C, or even offering aesthetic benefits such as a sparkly glow in the case of body oils from brands such as Fenty Beauty and Patrick Ta, it’s no wonder they’re a hit on the market. There’s no better way to shop body care than to check out what others have vetted, and reviews don’t lie. According to consumer feedback, the 10 body oils below are sure to give you a hydrated, summertime glow year round.

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