Amazon’s Swimsuits Are On Point – 12 Bikinis To Jumpstart Your Summer

Let’s be honest, swimwear has changed, and in more ways one. On one hand, where swimwear was once a mostly functional garment, with not much variation in design and style, it has since entered a much more fashionable space, often mirroring ready-to-wear trends where applicable (its even common to find fashionistas wearing swimsuits as tops these days). On the other hand, as they become more fashionable and thus a higher commodity (in the age of Instagram, we as consumers have progressed from owning two or three swimsuits for functional purposes to now designating an entire drawer to swimsuits, ensuring each pool or beach outing welcomes a new look), pricing for the garments have followed suit. On a large scale, gone are the days of ultra affordable swimsuits – That is, unless you’re shopping on Amazon.

Swimsuit shopping on Amazon has become one of those things that just make sense. No explanation needed. The platform comes with a plethora of options at your fingertips, with approachable prices and such a wide range of styles, there’s no such thing as not finding something for everyone. Whether you’re on the hunt for a one piece or a bikini, full coverage or something more revealing, the brands on Amazon know how to get the job done. Ahead, here’s 12 styles to jumpstart your summer with now.

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