Finally, Greeting Cards That Feature BIPOC In Their Designs

Add These Soulful Greeting Cards To Your Next Gift

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Long gone are the days of combing through the greeting card section trying to find a card that speaks to you (or better yet actually reminds you of the person you’re gifting it to). Thankfully there’s another Black-owned greeting card getting some shine: Culture Greetings Greeting Cards is putting authentic diversity front and center. 

More often than we care to admit, we’re guilty of stuffing greeting cards in random dressers or tossing them in the trash (sorry Auntie). But Culture Greetings Greeting Cards Pack brings a little touch of something special that’ll secure a place on the fridge for years to come. 

Add These Soulful Greeting Cards To Your Next Gift

Featuring diverse themes with Black, Indigenous, and people of color, you’ll actually be able to find a card that looks like your nephew or your grandpa, or any age in between. Feel good about your buy not just for supporting the community but also because all the cards are made from recyclable paper and non-toxic inks.

And in a remarkable effort of making our lives that much easier, all you’re tasked with doing is choosing the greeting card, personalizing it, and Culture Greetings does the mailing and shipping for you. 

We can give a round of applause to Dr. Dionne Mahaffey for innovating to create space for us. Keep a lookout for new one-of-a-kind gift bags and wrapping paper perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

It’s only $2.99 for your next birthday card with Culture Greetings. Retire the walking back and forth in card aisle and focus on picking out the perfect gift.