5 Impressive Creations for Menopausal Skin

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It’s no surprise that perimenopause and menopause are rarely researched and barely discussed, especially in the beauty industry. That said, there are over 62 million women over 50, highly engaged beauty consumers, touted as “the new super consumer.” They are healthy, and wealthy and desire beauty products specifically formulated for their specific needs. Since so many beauty marketers write consumers over the age of 49, it’s no surprise that this new category of skincare, designed to treat skin affected by hormonal changes, is dominated by female founders, who have actually experienced these symptoms.

So, what’s unique about perimenopausal and menopausal skin? In addition to hot flashes, there’s the rapid loss of collagen and elasticity, as well as excessive dryness. Hormonal profiles can be more erratic, and these fluctuations show up in our skin. Because our skin is our largest organ, these effects can be felt practically everywhere: from a dull and tired-looking complexion to prominent dark spots, to crepey skin along the body, to vaginal dryness. The five female-founded brands below took these hormonal measures seriously with their efficacious solutions. Shop and take notes.

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