15 Must-Try Hair, Makeup And Skincare Products At Sephora

If you’re someone who keeps a finger on the pulse of the latest beauty trends, doesn’t go without trying the freshest releases and you know which key skincare ingredient is buzzing on TikTok any given day, then it goes without saying you probably given your fair share of products a go. Such enthusiasts may agree, then, there’s nothing like the excitement of finally finding one item out of many that you just know will find it’s way in your collection for years to come. When it comes to buying your latest makeup, skincare or hair goodies at Sephora, every shopping visit feels like that kind of day. 

Let’s be honest, with over 300 brands, Sephora has a lot to sift through on its virtual shelves and with so much to do, so little time and dwindling attention spans, it’s understandable if you can’t seem to find the time to peruse its pages. Luckily, we did. Below, here’s 15 of the best selling products on Sephora, from those newly launched to holy grails makeup artists and gurus have championed for years.


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