12 Hair Removal Aftercare Products That Will Leave Your Skin Supple And Smooth

We always hear about the best way to prep yourself before waxing or shaving. You do a bit of trimming and use products such as shaving cream that allow for a smoother shave, but rarely do we hear about the aftercare that comes with hair removal (whether said hair removal method is waxing, shaving or lasering). This lack of knowledge on aftercare can lead to skin irritation, ingrowns, and hyperpigmentation. Why do the work to get supple and smooth skin without maintaining the skin benefits between hair removals?

For some women, certain hair removal methods can cause various issues. For instance, if you find you’re having issues with ingrowns following a wax, you may want to consider a preventative exfoliant. There are many options to choose from, such as dry brushing, sugar scrubs, or even chemical exfoliants. Perhaps your skin is prone to inflammation and texture after razor hair removal? In this instant, you may want to try out products that boast aloe vera or chamomile (known for calming sensitive skin) as active ingredients. Do you find that when your hair begins to grow back, it’s prickly and uncomfortable? Try opting for oils and creams to help soften new growth to help minimize discomfort. Case in point – There’s a solution for every concern.

Removing the hair is the easy part. Protecting your skin afterward is the challenging, yet most important part. However, it’s nothing that can’t be tackled with the 12 post-shave products we rounded up for you below – These will make your skin look and feel immaculate in between hairscapings.


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