Zoe Kravitz Lets Her Freckles Fly Free
David Livingston/Getty Images

Zoe Kravitz is letting her natural beauty shine on Teen Vogue, and we’re lovin’ her freckles.

As strange as this is to say given that they’re a naturally occurring feature, freckles are having a moment. We’ve been seen rainbow freckles hit the internet, and the sun-kissed look is definitely making a comeback in this cold weather — so Kravitz’s cover is right on point.

We’re Obsessed: Rainbow Freckles Are The Newest Beauty Craze

Her subtle makeup is courtesy of Sally Branka, who certainly knows her way around beauty that highlights natural skin.

In other news, Kravitz has a great message to help get you through the day: “I’m another human being, floating around out there in the universe and figuring it out, too. If seeing that brings you comfort, or gives you hope, or makes you feel anything — makes you feel not alone — if that is being a role model, then I’m happy to do that.”

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