Yvonne Orji is dishing out advice that you’ll definitely want to heed. 

The Insecure star, who plays TV’s favorite bestie, Molly, may have a messy love life on screen, but judging by the love advice she recently shared with Rolling Stone, Orji seems to have a much better view than her character.

Dishing on everything from casually dating someone you don’t really like to getting over an ex, Orji shared, “The thing to do is to figure out why you broke up with your ex because in the moment emotions can take over, but you gotta remember what it was about your ex that made you feel like it was time to call it quits. Those are real emotions, so don’t ignore your gut.”

The actress also spoke out about living in Trump’s America, advising immigrants to continue thriving.

“If you’re an immigrant living in Trump’s America, welcome,” she told the publication. “We are here and we’re here to stay. How do you get by? Just get by by being your best self ’cause we ain’t going nowhere, we built this country.”

Insecure recently finished its second season and Orji is busy with another project, Night School, which sees her starring alongside Kevin Hart and comedy breakout Tiffany Haddish.

Get some advice from Orji and watch the full video below.