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Tichina Arnold Gets Real About Boob Jobs And The Mistakes Made In Your Twenties

The 'Survivor's Remorse' star spoke to ESSENCE about life, love, and boob jobs.


Tichina Arnold has been keeping it real and making us laugh for decades and things were no different when the actress stopped by ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast. 

Arnold kicked things off by being very honest about breast augmentation, something she revealed she’s been considering for a while. 

“I was really considering a breast job, not a job job, but a lift,” Arnold said. “I’m not a proponent of surgery, but I was like, I want to feel sexy again and I know I breastfed for like, a good five months, and my daughter just disrespected my breast.”

Arnold admitted that she’s a little afraid to get the procedure done, but joked, “All the women out there considering it, let’s do it together.”

While the actress is totally cool with women doing what they want with their bodies, Arnold did urge women considering surgeries to wait until they were older if they were serious. 

“You wait until you are at a stage in life where you can handle it because if you’re not able to handle it, you will regret your decision.”

Arnold added, “Never make any decisions in your twenties. Leave the twenties alone.”

“When you’re in your twenties you mess up. Once you hit your thirties it’s like, okay you gotta apply what you’ve learned. When you hit your forties it’s like, ‘Oh, lord is this how it’s gon’ be?!’ Fifties you tell everybody to kiss your a–. So, I’m waiting two more years to tell everybody to kiss my a–.” 


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