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[MUSIC] Every single outfit was amazing. I think it was really out of the box, everything that we shot today. Something that I hadn't done before so it was exciting to experiment. My beauty role model is Tracee Ellis Ross. My favorite and only tv madre. She is such an inspiration because you Seeing her on a daily basis, she has embraced her natural beauty. And whenever she puts on makeup, it's from a place of empowerment. And it's from a place of, this is what I wanna do with my fact today, not from a place of covering anything up. And she really just accentuates her own features when she does put on makeup, and it's really inspiring to see as a young actress. But just as a young lady, somebody who's so empowered in who they are. Black girl magic for me is one just a way of expressing how fabulous women of color are. Just look around you, because there's plenty of black girl magic around you, and recognize all of the magic that has been set forth in front of us. Embrace who you are. Often times we feel as though beauty standards aren't meant for us They are meant for the majority culture so just understand that you are beautiful in your own way and it's not about looking like that person or looking like that celebrity but looking like you and being so happy that you look like yourself. [MUSIC]

Yara Shahidi to Star in Latest Fossil Campaign

The watch brand's newest campaign is set to launch April 24.


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Fossil’s still selling your favorite watches, but now they do a whole lot more than keep you on time.

The brand’s newest campaign, set to launch next week, features a line-up of celebrity influencers with strong ties to Fossil’s signature timepieces. Titled “Fossil Firsts,” the campaign in question gives Kristen Bell, Yara Shahidi, Leslie Odom Jr., and Austin Mahone a chance to discuss (what else?!) their first Fossil watch.

“We wanted to select a cast that really authentically had some tie to what their first Fossil was … Our brand really is all about celebrating authenticity so we didn’t want to do some celebrity just for reach,” Fossil chief creative officer Jill Elliott explained.

The campaign, which is expected to run through the end of the year, aims to introduce a new demographic to the brand.

“What we’re really trying to do is introduce people who aren’t aware that we’ve moved into the smart category [and say] that we’re in it now. And if you were aware of it, that we’re still Fossil,” Elliott concluded.

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Keep your eyes peeled for Fossil Firsts campaign images. In the meantime, shop the brand’s collection of smart watches here.

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