Yara Shahidi Celebrates Tamir Rice After Young Stars Win At BET Awards
Maury Phillips

Yara Shahidi continues to be one of the most inspiring young voice in Hollywood.

On Sunday, the Black-ish actress took home the Young Stars Awards at the BET Awards, where, during her speech, took time to remember Tamir Rice, who would have turned 15 on June 25.

“I first and foremost have to say that my peer group is the most amazing,” she said. “I’m constantly inspired for the work that you put in.”

“I’d like to thank BET for celebrating our culture so beautifully when it isn’t being celebrated everywhere else as it should be. Today is Tamir Rice’s birthday and so amidst the celebration I’d love to honor his life. And thank you for supporting blackness and our contribution to society because this is so appreciated and so necessary for my generation to see.”

Shahidi has been recognized for her activism by various platforms and acknowledged for her work toward shedding light on systemic injustice.

Earlier this year, she said during ESSENCE’s annual Black Women In Hollywood event, “I’m fortunate because you all have taught me by example what the role of the artist is: to disrupt, to remold, to create.”

“To disrupt this faulty system, to remold the foundation of this country into one in which all are given equal opportunities and to create a space in which our underlying humanity is recognized and our differences are celebrated. I’m honored to be on a show like Blackish, which does just this.”

We hope Shahidi continues to be a disruptor.