Wiz Khalifa Doesn’t Care What You Think About His Son Taking The Bus to School
Wiz Khalifa / Instagram
Wiz Khalifa is clapping back at social media comments concerning his parenting skills. The proud father shared his 5-year-old son Sebastian’s first day of school online, and was immediately met with criticism about his choice to allow his child to ride the bus with his friends despite the rapper being a frequent fixture in Forbes.   The 31-year-old rapper recently revealed why he shut down the haters. “I figured I’d just use my platform to get my point across in a non-defensive manner,” the “Work Hard, Play Hard” rapper said in an interview with Billboard. “If the negativity has a voice, I wanted to give the positive side a voice. I’m happy I did it.” Wiz added that he was most concerned with his son, whom he affectionately calls his “Baby Bash,” in the future. That’s what mattered to him the most.
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“There wasn’t any pressure or anything. I felt like sticking up for my son. He’s going to be mine forever. Now, down the road he can be like, ‘My dad stuck up for me and defended me regardless.’ That’s my little man,” he continued. Critics’ inquiries about about why he would allow the son he parents with model Amber Rose to ride the bus when he’s rich never even came close to shaking his beliefs in his ability to be a good father. “I’m so confident in my parenting skills and what I have to offer,” he said. “My relationship is with my son. As long as he’s good, I don’t listen to too much of the outside noise.” Sounds like in this case father really does know best.


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