Winnie Harlow Gets Real About Confidence, Real Beauty and Giving Back
Coveteur / Ben Ritter, Sierra Simone

We all know Winnie Harlow as the drop dead gorgeous supermodel who’s never afraid to speak her mind and is a huge advocate for diverse beauty.

While making strides in the fashion industry is one of her major priorities, it’s far from the only one. On top of being a bombshell, Harlow is all about making a larger impact. The beauty let Coveteur in on her getting ready routine as she prepared to speak about empowerment at the WE Day in New York and she had a few gems to drop about confidence, true beauty and giving back. 

“I think it is human nature to have confidence—the same way I don’t think people are born with racism or anything negative. All those things are developed, ” she shared. “I think we’ll always have our insecurities, but it’s important to focus on yourself. “

Coveteur / Ben Ritter, Sierra Simone

The model touched on kids being far ahead of adults when it comes to acceptance.

“Kids are the most sensible—they grab onto things easier than [adults] do. We, as adults, have been taught these notions for so long and are set in our ways. I was at my friend’s house about seven years ago, and she had a little cousin who came over to visit. She came up to me and said, ‘Why is your skin like that?’ I said, ‘I have a skin condition called vitiligo.’ Mind you, she was six years old. She was like, ‘You are so pretty and so different.’ That is what she was taught—you only learn that something is ‘not normal’ or ‘ugly’ or whatever from the outside world. It is really what you learn, absorb, and what you teach.”

Coveteur / Ben Ritter, Sierra Simone

The star also opened up about her time in Kenya with social conscious jewelry charity ME to WE.

“I was in Kenya last August [with ME to WE]. It was amazing. I got the chance to talk to one of the mamas in the community and learn of her experience. Seeing her interact with the kids and interact with the people, and the respect that she had for them and they had for her, it was really beautiful.”

The star reveals that the only reason she left the amazing experience was because she got a call from Beyonce —and we all know you don’t turn down a call from Beyonce.

“I didn’t want to leave Kenya—until I got the call to do the red carpet with Beyoncé for the VMAs. I definitely want to go back, though. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to go [to Kenya] because going in with an open mind allowed me to absorb so much more of the culture, the food, the people, the atmosphere, and everything that they were doing.”

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