Willow Smith is enjoying the beauty of the Ionian Sea and the beaches of Greece on her getaway with her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith.

This week the singer and actress boarded a plan to indulge in a Grecian vacation to “explore – experience – create – relate.” This teenager is having the time of her life and leaving us to live vicariously through her Instagram.

Willow’s trip has included some of the towns, islands and villages less traveled by tourists.  Her first Grecian stop included a village, Kassiópi, Greece where she discovered that dogs know how to paddle board.

Her next stop included Antipaxos island known for its beaches, swimming and snorkeling.  She’s been enjoying the sparkling turquoise waters with some water activities including cliff diving.

The young star is enjoying the island so much that when she noticed the litter on what should be one of the world’s best beaches, she decided to spend some time cleaning and caring for the island.  Willow, Jada and four other vacationers took time from their day to pack up 22 trash bags of debris that they gathered at the beach.

“Being so far away from what I perceive as a polluted metropolis, I couldn’t stand seeing these beautiful beaches in Greece littered with trash.” She added, “when it’s right in front of you I feel as though it is humanities responsibility to do as much as we can (in the moment and long-term) no matter how small the action is. As we all start to do our part, we gradually make a difference. Hopefully today we were able to elongate and preserve the beauty and existence of the local sea life.”

Willow is a true global citizen who finds a way to help and serve even while on vacation.

Hopefully, this vacation will inspire the 16-year-old to release some more music really soon!  Fingers crossed!