Will Smith Dives Into 50 Over The Grand Canyon
Will Smith doesn’t take dares very lightly. Six months after popular YouTubers “Yes Theory” challenged him to face one of his biggest fears, Will Smith celebrated his 50th birthday by bungee jumping out of a helicopter into the Grand Canyon on Tuesday, and it was quite the spectacle.
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6 months in the making... #willsmiththejump

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The jump, which was live-streamed on YouTube, was inspired by something that happened to Smith during a family trip in 1976. On a trip to the Grand Canyon as a kid, Smith was the only one in the family who was scared to walk up to the edge of the canyon. The fear of heights, as well as the unknown, was crippling for the then 9-year-old Smith. “I was scared to take in the beauty,” he explained. To bring in this new decade, Smith was determined to confront the fear that had been haunting him since he was a kid. So he did what any sane person would do, who is trying to address a fear (not really): do a helicopter bungee jump over the Grand Canyon. The live-stream, which was hosted by friend and former Fresh Prince co-star Alfonso Ribeiro, also included interviews with family and friends leading up to the finally moment. And how did Smith handle it? Like the prince that he is, of course. Happy belated to our forever Prince of Bel-Air, Willard Smith!


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