Will Smith‘s Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving. The actor’s page is chock-full of nuggets of wisdom, family photos, and throwbacks, featuring friends and former castmates. Smith is currently in the Bahamas working and having a bit of fun. So we’ve rounded up a few of the actor’s best IG moments from his time in the tropical paradise.
1. He clowned around with cousin Ricky.

My Cousin Ricky @cousin_ricky gives New Meaning to #NumbNuts

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The actor’s cousin flew down from Philadelphia to enjoy a little time in the Bahamas, but his beach attire left Smith a little skeptical. It was all jokes between the two as Ricky hit the beach in tiny blue and black shorts. 2. He danced like no one was watching.

Great Minds Dance Alike!! . 🎥: @jas

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Smith showed off some of his best dance moves while sharing a viral clip from Univision’s Casos de Família. The actor might have the moves, but a true star can hit the split. 3. He dined with friends, A.R. Rahman and Keisuke Honda. Rahman hinted at the possibility of new music with Smith, while it was recently announced that Honda and the actor had teamed up to launch The Dreamers Fund. 4. He hit the gym with his cousin Ricky and his trainer Ulisses.  The actor, who turns 50 this year, wrote on Instagram, “I’m about to get into the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!” 5. He tested his speed. Smith kicked off a #speedgunchallege, using a speed gun to see who’s the fastest as he raced his trainer. 6. The actor took in art by Bahamian artist Tavares Strachan. Strachan currently has work in Nassau’s Mestre Projects and was recently named as one of the artists who will participate in the Carnegie Museum of Art’s contemporary art survey, the Carnegie International. 7. And, he made us hilariously question our own understanding of art. 

Okay... No Bull... Serious Question... 🙂 . What Is Art? . 🎥: @aidan

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Truly, what is ART?