When nobody at all asked for a Whitney Houston hologram tour, the creators of An Evening with Whitney saw fit to do so. And as expected, the first night of the controversial show, which kicked off last night in the U.K. had mixed reactions from fans with one noting they felt “overwhelming guilt.”

The show features a digital reincarnation of the late R&B icon, along with live musicians and dancers, as her holographic doppelgänger takes us through performances of some of Houston’s biggest hits.

The tour set list includes 1985’s “How Will I Know,” 1986’s “Greatest Love of All” and 1987’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” The repertoire also includes the Dolly Parton-penned earworm “I Will Always Love You” from the 1992 film The Bodyguard, and a 1990 live cover of Steve Winwood’s Higher Love.

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Fans who experienced the show in Sheffield, England have had mixed reactions to the gig, with one tweeting: “I had this overwhelming feeling of guilt whilst watching it at times because it’s a very strange thing.”

Another said what we’re all thinking, “the whitney houston hologram tour reeks like a desperate money grab. her estate should be ashamed.”

An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram will end sometime in April. The estate is expecting U.S. dates to follow the initial run, according to The Associated Press.

One thing we know for certain—they probably should have left well enough alone.


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