Wendy Williams kicked-off New York Gay Pride with a bang last night as she sat down for a very intimate one-on-one with ESSENCE.com Managing Editor Emil Wilbekin. “I’m fearless,” she said, addressing a crowded room of LGBT allies and supporters at the Gay and Lesbian Center in New York City.

Our favorite friend in our head didn’t fret as she pummeled through both fun and sensitive topics, including feeling like an outcast while growing up, her figure, and of course, her hair! The talk show host admitted that many of her childhood friends just happened to be outcasts or gay, but she didn’t truly fit in, saying, “I sat on the sidelines of life.”

But that didn’t deter her from giving youth in the room a positive spin on being yourself in a world where one may not be accepted.

“Stay true to exactly who you are. Now, don’t get me wrong, the only caveat is: everybody isn’t ready for who you are. Make them come around to who you are,” she said with a strong voice. “But, if who you are is catty and nasty, now that needs changing.”

The crowd left feeling empowered and uplifted, especially as gay marriage in New York hangs in the balance. “Speaking as a married woman, marriage is not for the weak at heart,” but she happily gave her blessing and promised a gift to one lucky man who announced that if the bill passes, he just may pop the big question to his partner.

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