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Hi Essence family, this mama Durant just stopping by to chat for a little while. [MUSIC] Ooh, Claudie. Just fine by Mary J Blige. [MUSIC] Power. Yes. [MUSIC] Italian cuisine is my favorite. Now what I like to cook, I really don't have a favorite cuz I'm not cooking that much anymore. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] There are so many, I don't have a favorite shoe brand. I just like shoes. The higher the better. But because I've gotten older, you got to bring that heel down to four inches, that's enough. [MUSIC] My, I'm not, no, no I'm not saying it no. Because if I meet him, I'm going to be blushing all the way. So I'm just going to internally blush. I'm no. I'll tell you off camera. Okay. [INAUDIBLE] Okay. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] sugar with grits? Mm, I didn't even know that existed but go ahead. [MUSIC] That one's a little emotional for me. [MUSIC] Because there are so many of them, [SOUND] Encourage me all the time. The one that I looked up to was Lucille O'Neil, and she and so many other mothers kinda paved the way for mothers of professional athletes. And so I look up to them all, but that name Was the first to come to mind. Kevin Durant. That's it. All time favorite. Kevin Durant. That's my favorite.
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