Alright, you know we’re going to keep it all the way real. We don’t do well with doing nothing! If we’re home for too long we get anxious. Watching our mother stay active over the years turned us into active chicks – snap, snap get it cracking baby. When we get that break we cried, screamed and prayed for the last thing we ever actually do is rest. We know that’s foolish, but it’s the truth. There have been so many times in our lives when God’s direction to us has been a parade of four-letter words: stop, rest, wait and be still!

And usually after trying to rush our way through this down time, we look back and see that waiting was part of the overall plan and served a greater purpose in our lives.

Because we don’t know much and God knows all, there is a reason that God may tell us to stop, wait, rest and be still for a moment. And usually, our resistance to this chill out time can end up causing a momentary tailspin into a “season” of waiting. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not always the case. Trust me, if that’s why you’re waiting, you’ll clearly know it.
But there are times when God wants us still, simply because we are weary – run down and need to be built up for the next leg of our race.

Getting ahead in life or just maintain life is hard work. But it’s even worse when we try to move through it too fast. We can wear ourselves out in a hurry. You can actually wear yourself out even when things are good, but you’re rushing to get to the next good or better thing. God making us wait or denying us what we want is merciful.

Denial isn’t necessarily a bad thing either and it doesn’t always mean we’ve done something wrong. To tell the truth, a lot of times it’s exactly the opposite, it could just simply be that we’re right between some really big things God has for our lives, and we need to rest first.  

God knows all of our limitations, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. He knows that we’re simply human. He knows we get tired and weary, even when it’s all good. Sometimes all God is saying is “Chill out, rest a bit and take it all in.” We are mommies to little kids and little kids who require naps never seems to welcome them. The kids almost always put up a fuss about taking a nap. But because we know better, we make sure they go down for naps so they have the energy to finish out the day – it’s for their own good.

Real talk, most of us are just like those reluctant kids. We’re so set on getting where we want to go that the last thing we want to do is nap (or stop, wait, or rest). But God, who knows all and is all with wisdom and grace, knows what we need most.

Go get it… some rest, stop and smell the roses your life is blooming.

From our heart to yours
Erica & Tina

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